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  • Renewable energy
  • Construction & Infrastructure
  • Corporate and M&A
  • Arbitration and court disputes


Alexandru is well experienced in arbitration and court disputes and has a thorough practice in assisting clients in the preparation, negotiation, performance and dispute handling of complex commercial and administrative contracts.

Alexandru also acts as arbitrator at the Court of Commercial Arbitration attached to Prahova County Commerce.

In terms of substantive areas of expertise, Alexandru has extensive experience in large construction projects focused mainly on infrastructure, in managing multi-million disputes with FIDIC and other type of construction contracts both before domestic or international arbitral tribunals (ICC and VIAC) or before local courts. Alexandru is also experienced in the areas of renewable energy, where he is constantly advising production companies, and of corporate and M&A.


• Successful representation of private companies and administrative authorities in multi-million international arbitrations and court disputes in connection with construction projects and M&A contracts.

• Successful representation of a Romanian municipality in a dispute against the project company in relation with the termination of the concession contract for the construction of a leisure and sport facility.

• Successful representation of a Romanian construction company in a dispute worth over Eur 5 million against the Romanian National Company for the Administration of the Road Infrastructure.

• Successful representation of a Romanian company in the dispute with The Payment Agency for Rural Development and Fishing having as object the reimbursement of the financing received for the development of a testing laboratory for geotextile fibres and fabrics.

• Successful representation of a Romanian company which develops a project for a suite of hydroelectric power plants in the dispute with a local municipality which refused to issue the endorsement necessary for the issuance by the county council of the planning certificate.

• Successful representation of two Romanian companies (having Bulgarian and Hungarian shareholders) which own two photovoltaic power plants in Romania in the dispute with a Romanian grid company for the value of the electricity injected in the grid without contract, in the period between the connection of the power plants to the grid and the moment when the licence for selling the electricity on the market was obtained.

• Arbitrator (member of a panel of three arbitrators) in a Eur 1.5 million domestic arbitration conducted in accordance with CCIR Rules of Arbitration, in relation to a waste management contract.


• Co-author of the Romanian section of the 2011 issue of the construction area survey of Getting the Deal Through, 2011.

• Author of “Copenhagen Conference. Evolutions in the International Environment Law” [Conferința de la Copenhaga. Evoluții în dreptul internațional al mediului], in Inter CITY Magazin, no. 39/December 2009-January 2010.

• Author of “Normative deeds regarding the protection of the movable cultural heritage” (second part – The sphere of goods that constitutes the object of the protection of the normative deeds regarding the movable cultural heritage), in Colectionarul Roman, no 3, series II, January 2009.

• Author of “Normative deeds regarding the protection of the movable cultural heritage”, in Colectionarul Roman, no. 2, series II, 2008.

• Co-author of “General Presentation of Law no. 31/2006 on securitisation of receivables” [Prezentare de ansamblu a Legii nr. 31/2006 privind securizarea creantelor], in Dreptul, no. 4/2007.

• Author of “Regulations in the field of environment protection” [Reglementari in domeniul portectiei mediului], in Tribuna Economică, no. 18/2006.

• Author of “The assets that may be object of the concession contracts” [Sfera bunurilor care pot face obiectul concesiunii], in Tribuna Economica no. 18/2006.