About Us

Maravela Codescu Buliga Attorneys at law is founded in Romania by reputed and experienced lawyers with in-depth knowledge of the law, clever approach to business and tax matters and extensive experience in large transactions and complex cases.

We provide fully integrated advice both in transactional matters, substantive tax law and dispute resolution processes (court litigation, tax controversy and arbitration). Our consultancy experience gives us the necessary edge when preparing the strategy of court or arbitration cases. Likewise, our dispute resolution experience enables us to foresee the risks when negotiating transactions, as we help clients to anticipate and successfully address from the outset potential disputes and tax controversies that might arise. Our experience is further honed by acting as arbitrators in complex disputes arisen inter alia from large infrastructure projects.

We work for corporate clients from all commercial and industrial sectors, governments, financial institutions. We provide them with high-quality, clear and highly responsive legal and tax advice.


Clear and practical advice

We deliver clear answers, unpacking difficult legal and tax concepts into easy-to-understand concepts for both highly sophisticated clients and for those less familiar with international and domestic legal and tax issues. We understand the client’s business and provide the right, practical, efficient and commercial legal and tax solution to client’s challenges.

Partner involvement

We provide hands on partner involvement for each case which gives clients one point of contact with whom they can build a close working relationship. The business of our clients is our ongoing concern.

Integrated services

In today’s world, law cannot be understood and practiced without a comprehensive view on the multiple facettes of a matter. Our lawyers have this multilateral perspective, being legal experts specialised in all aspects of commercial law, spanning from transactional work to various dispute resolution activities. Our lawyers also act as arbitrators, thus knowing a case both from the standpoint of the party as well as from the point of view of the judicial body.

Furthermore, irrespective of the business of our clients, we are aware that tax will be nothing less than a high priority. This is why our team considers all legal, commercial and tax aspects of any transaction.